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If you are not paying yourself, it's only a matter of time before you start resenting your business - Mike Michalowicz
I remember getting to a point in my business where I hated it and I felt trapped by it. My family and my employees relied upon me to keep selling and making it work, but I was so tired and I just didn't know how to keep going anymore. I knew then that things HAD to change and they had to change quickly, or I wasn't going to make it, financially or mentally. I hired a mentor, got to work, and changed:
  •  People: I figured out who I need and where to create a team that worked efficiently and effectively together, with me just captaining the ship
  •  Process: I created a streamlined process to go from lead, to sale, to delivery, and to payment. This way, just like your Starbucks tastes the same each time, my clients all received the same experience and could easily refer others. 
  •  Product: I knew exactly what I was selling and to whom in order to create a marketing and sales plan that worked, without me having to be pushy or salesy
  • Pricing: I let the numbers guide my pricing so I was affordable, but could easily pay my team properly and still pay myself what I was worth!
  • Profit: I went from not being able to afford ramen noodles to living the life I had dreamed of when I started the business. 
Mastering these 5 elements of my business not only changed my business, but my life. I am so excited to share the techniques I have learned with my clients in order to help them build the businesses and lives of their dreams too! 

Your Pocket CFO

Shena Marie White

I have been there...selling a lot, but completely overwhelmed and feeling stuck on a hamster wheel of sales and bills, then sales and bills. I never seemed to be able to get ahead and the more I grew my sales, the more I seemed to grow all of my issues and workload too. I knew that SOMETHING had to give. I dreamed of financial freedom and vacations, not continual 1am worknights and fretting about payroll. 
This is when I decided to change the way I was doing business AFTER the sale, and then everything changed. I went from struggle bus to profitable 7-figure entrepreneur. Now I know how to effectively scale in business, make great income, and have the lifestyle I've always dreamed. 
Using the techniques that have worked in my business and my client's businesses I want to help you to turn your business from an anxiety inducing, never ending pile of work, to the profitable, well oiled machine organization you always dreamed it could be. Let's create your perfect profit picture together and take you from dismal work to dream life!


You work hard -  Your income should reflect that!

Stop Scaling Chaos

So many people focus solely on sales and marketing, but that is only one part of the picture. Making more money without working yourself to death is achieved by creating systems and strategies.

Plan to Profit

Detailed step by step plans to take your business from a job you own to the profitable business of your dreams, all while living the life you desire!

Customized for YOU

1-1 looks into YOUR specific business and industry. No cookie cutter plans and ideas, but strategies designed just for you and your needs. Every business is unique and therefore every plan we create is just a individual.  

Are you ready to get off the hamster wheel and start climbing the path to success?

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